Membership Terms

Please familiarise yourself with our club documents.

Our Commitment

Our priority remains the health and well-being of our members. We are committed to ensuring that all of our members are aware of the current restrictions and work together to ensure any club activities only take place in as safe an environment as possible. We are taking all reasonable precautions to help suppress the Covid-19 virus and act in accordance with all relevant legislation and government guidance to maintain our Duty of Care to you as a Club member at all times.

Membership Consent and Declarations in regards to controlling the spread of Covid-19

Membership Consent and Declarations regarding Booking Online

  • I understand that I am required to book online for any club activities and that I should read, understand and agree to the latest published event booking terms before attending.
  • I understand that I am required to book online for any equipment hire and that I should read, understand and agree to the latest published hire terms before collecting equipment.
  • A booking is not confirmed until any applicable fees due are paid and a club official has updated the status from pending to confirmed.

Membership Consent and Declarations regarding Data and Information

  • I understand that all members are responsible for ensuring their own information is accurate and up to date, as it might be required by club officials for club activities. (You can view and edit your details in my account > profile and settings)
  • I agree that the information about memberships may be held digitally online and may be used in the administration of the Club
  • I agree that my/our contact details may be used in club publications by prior agreement
  • I confirm that I have detailed to the best of my knowledge the only known disabilities, medication and medical conditions
  • I am responsible for completing the membership forms accurately and including all details that might be needed by the person in charge
  • I am responsible for any errors and updates to personal information and accept liability for any direct or indirect consequences of this

Membership Consent and Declarations regarding Activities

  • I understand that club activities (sessions, trips, events, etc.) are only considered as those promoted through our official website as outlined by the Authenticity Statement
  • I understand it is my responsibility to make it known that I require to complete an induction on my first activity
  • I agree to abide by the Constitution, Operating Procedures, Code of Conduct and Club Policies
  • I have had the activities explained and agree to participation in the activities/event
  • I understand that if I cannot swim proficiently 50m that I should make this known to the club volunteers
  • I know of no reason the participant should not take part in club activities
  • I understand that the club/organisers accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by or during attendance of the activity/event except where such loss, damage or injury can be shown to result directly from the negligence of the club/organisers
  • I understand that the British Canoeing is insured for its civil liabilities as organiser of the event and that there is no personal accident cover for participants
  • I confirm that the particpant is not subject to any court order prohibiting publication of their image