A productive day down the boat store

On Saturday 25th September a group of the club’s volunteers spent over five hours at the boat store carrying out maintenance. In that time they were able to get though inspecting the majority of the club’s boats and noting any required maintenance work to be carried out over the winter period. Many boats were also repaired, ensuring they are fully serviceable for the winter season. In addition the boat store racks were cleaned out and the boats put back in neatly making the boat store much tidier.

Our dedicated volunteers will likely be down the boat store more times over the winter period helping to keep our equipment in a serviceable condition. In addition to what you see our volunteers doing at sessions they spend many more hours of their time “behind the scenes” to keep the club running smoothly.

Great turnout for our autumn canal sessions

With lockdown #3 finally ending the club was able to get back to the Lido and we were treated to a amazing summer season. Everyone was glad to be back together and the average attendance for our summer sessions was in the high 30s, often hitting our 45 person capacity limit. Once the summer Lido season came to an end this momentum continued into our autumn canal sessions.

We ended up with around 30 people attending both of our canal sessions, over double what we would typically expect. The sessions were a great success with everyone thoroughly enjoying the chance to go for a nice evening of social paddling together down the canal.

Here are some pictures from our nights on the canal:

The club’s website has been updated!

As you have probably noticed if you are reading this we have given the club website a bit of an update. We now have a club news feed where we can post updates, news, and other interesting information about the club, like what you’re reading now. The home page now also has a list of our upcoming events so you can easily see the sessions, trips, and other things we have planned in the near future.

There is also a brand new About Us page which contains information about our club, where we paddle, and the wide variety of disciplines we partake in. There are also plenty of photos from our club adventures to look through.

Have a look around and let us know what you think.