Club Fees

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Last Reviewed: 14 September 2021

As a club we aim to keep fees as low as possible for our sessions / events, however we do have a number of core running cost expenditures that we need to cover. The following list is not exhaustive but provides an example of a few:

  • Club Affiliation inclusive of Public Liability and Insurance
  • Craft Insurance for the Club Boats
  • Equipment Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements
  • Development Funding for Club Members
  • Funding for Volunteer Training
  • Venue Investment/Hire

Our current club fees are as follows:

Membership Type Sessions Half Day Events
(up to 4 hours)
Full Day Events
(4+ hours paddling)
Leagues /
Pay as you Paddle Members
£6 £6£10N/A
Monthly Subscriber Members
Affiliate Members £6 £6 £10 £5

Club Fee Exemptions:

There are some cases where it it would be inappropriate to charge the club fees, these do not make the attendee exempt from the additional costs.

  • Volunteer: Those members who are volunteering are exempt from the club fees for the specific session/event they are offering volunteering support for. Some sessions like white water require you to hold a relevant qualification(s) or experience level in order to volunteer as a leader, coach or safety cover.
  • Man-Made White Water Course Exemption: As most white water centres allow participants of adequate competency on the course under their insurance, members are exempt from the club fees, if they hold a moderate white water award (or equivalent experience) or passed a Lee Valley Legacy assessment.

Additional Costs: In addition to our club fees, there maybe additional costs such as for accommodation, parking, man made white water course entry, outsourced/external coach fees, course, league or competition fees. This shall be charged to attendees in addition to any fees outlined above as appropriate. These apply to every attendee even those exempt from the club fees.