Hire Request

The priority for the club is always to protect the health and well being of our members and for that reason a section of our Latest Hire Terms is dedicated to supporting “Safety and Good Practice” that you should ensure you are familiar with.

If the hire request is intended for personal use you must hold a paid membership. We expect the hirer to take full responsibility for ensuring those using the equipment are ready and equip to be safe on the water. This can be through ensuring someone present holds an appropriate safety qualification for the proposed remit you intend to paddle or at a minimum completing the  British Canoeing Introduction to Paddlesports eLearning and watching the following British Canoeing Safety Video.

Hire Request Form

    The hirer does not have to be the person who the equipment is intended to be used by but is require to be the person who is taking responsibility and requires to be someone over the age of 18.

    We understand that when you are new to the sport its unlikely you will have your own roof rack and if this is the case, where you can't transport the kit yourself we shall try and help buddy you with a volunteer who is already attending to help you. We strongly encourage that when a volunteer is helping take kit to and from an activity for you that you help support them by being present to help with any collection/loading/unloading and let them know if you are coming or not so they don't load the kit unnecessarily for you.