White Water Sessions – Nene 03.04.2022

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Date(s) 03/04/2022

Time(s)10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Bookings: You are required to book and pay direct at the venue the Nene to secure any bookings for this event, however it is useful for us to know who plans to attend so you can still use our sign up to let us know you intend to come along to the session.

Type: White Water Session – Nene White Water Course, Bedford Road, Northampton NN4 7AA

Suitability: confident on flat water and capsizing with a spray deck

Time(s): – Typically only morning slots are available on Sundays

Location/Venue: The Nene is great white water course for beginners who have just done a few taster sessions or weir sessions. It was one of the UK’s first pumped artificial white water course, and is designed for ease of access to see the whole course. You require to book and pay for your sessions directly with the Nene. However as no bank side safety cover provided and the club is required to provide its own, we do ask members to still pay club fees on these sessions. These fees however are waivered if the particpant(s) is already confident paddling grade 3, passed your legacy assessment or completed a white water safety and rescue course.


All of our white water sessions use a variety of venues rotating between Local Weirs, Nene White Water Course and Lee Valley White Water Course. These have been chosen to help offer venue locations that will provide something for everyone at differing levels, so both entry level and more advanced paddlers can all be welcome to join in.

The sessions are aimed to support participants to

  • learn the basics of how to manoeuvre a craft in moving water
  • progressively building up necessary skills for more advanced or longer trips
  • practise existing white water river skills
  • practise freestyle skills

Kit/Equipment Hire: Equipment is always available for use at official club activities however there is no equipment stored onsite for these events, so if you require to equipment please complete a hire request. We highly recommend where possible that you are able to transport your own kit, however understand not everyone has a van or roof rack especially those new to the sport, if this is the case ensure you fill in your request soon as possible. Equipment should be collected at the Wednesday Mixed/Open (pool, lido, canal) Session before the event and returned the following Wednesday after. You can read more about our equipment, hire and usage here.