Event Details

Date(s) 30/03/2020

Time(s)7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Date(s): Monday 30th March 2020

Time(s): 19:00-21:30

Type: Programme and Events Planning (for Summer/Autumn)

Suitability: Anyone

Location: Squirrel Pub, Park Road, Farnborough GU14 6LR


This is predominantly aimed at the members of the programme committee and discipline representatives but we do open these up for anyone to attend. We would like to invite you to join us in planning our programme, session, events, tournaments, etc. What is working well, what is not working so well. We also want to aim to try and ensure we have a varied programme of events, so there is sufficient balance for members. If you have any trip ideas you are also welcomed to bring those along.


At times when club activities are able to operate, participants shall be expected to self-assess at what stage they can suitably return, and only return if the current stage we are operating at applies to them. The club may increase or decrease the reopening stage at any point so please check back against the event or guidance to check the stage on the day before arriving at any activity.

Everyone Should:

  • Read the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club COVID-19 Guidance
  • Adhere to the latest social distancing and official government advice
  • Read the latest Event Booking Terms regarding club activities
  • Read the latest Hire Terms regarding club equipment hire and usage
  • Respect venue procedures
  • Book in advanced (including those on the bank)
  • Be able to self-rescue
  • Bring your own equipment and hand sanitiser
  • Keep to 6 per group (including those on the bank)
  • Can play contact games of canoe polo with up to 7 players (5 with 2 subs) each side and 2 referees (but during training remain in your team bubbles)
  • Be considerate of others

We are currently CLOSED for club activities, but as we reopen we will operate back at Stage 3.