Open/Mixed Canal Sessions (Club Year 2019-2020)

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Date(s) 16/09/2020

Time(s)6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

From 2020-08-27 to 2020-09-17, Wednesday every week

Type: Open/Mixed Session

Suitability: All Levels / 8+ Years [SUBJECT TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS]

IMPORTANT: There is a change of location for this session will shall be meeting at Ash Lock, Parking is on Camp Farm Road (see circled “P” on the map below) View Map


To enter the site a barrier code is required, we recommend you email us, to request the code before you arrive. Once you enter the site aim to follow down to the far side where the campsite is.

The canal is a great opportunity to move your skills from the pool to an outdoor sheltered environment. We vary which route we take each week taking a gentle strolling pace along the canal.

Aim to arrive around 20-30 mins before the session to ensure you have sufficient time to change and be ready to help with getting out necessary equipment. Our volunteers will do the best they can to get you on the water as soon as is possible, however you should only enter the water once you have, registered, a volunteer has ensured you have adequate and correctly fitted safety equipment and a senior volunteer has said it is safe to do so. Everyone is responsible for helping to return and sponge down the equipment at the end of the session before heading home.