Event Details

Date(s) 01/08/2020 - 09/08/2020

Time(s)All Day


Date(s): 1st-9th August 2020

Time(s): We shall be aiming to travel out on Friday or Saturday and returning on the Saturday or Sunday, however there is flexibility on this if you choose to fly out.

Type: Beginner/Intermediate White Water

Suitability: Confident with Capsizing with a Spray Deck. Some have some experience paddling on Grade 2 White Water.

Location: French Alps

Accommodation: The club has booked  Apartment Cles Des Champs, Puy-Saint-Pierre, 05100, France (alternatively you can book your own accommodation nearby) 

Food: Please allow a budget for food and drinks, there are a number of supermarkets that are local to where we will be staying so you should only need to pre-pack food to take for the journey and not the whole trip, unless you have specific dietary requirements.Ensure you bring bottles and a sealed tub and dry bag to transport your lunches in each day.


The transportation is not included in the price and you will need to make your own travel arrangements to get there.


We’ll be heading out to the French Alps, where we will be based near Briancon. This is a place full of fantastic whitewater, both big and small (grade 2-4+), with brilliant continuous rapids to tackle with great views.


As part of this trip we have booked external coaching/leading so as to put less strain on our own volunteers, the coaching will be aimed to improve white water river paddling or the more advanced paddlers leadership refreshers in a moderate water grade 2/3 environment. The group we have arranged this with shall work on individualised coaching to help you develop your paddling towards your own personal goals.

Making My Own Arrangements:

We want to open the trip up to as many members as we can, so if like the idea of the trip but don’t want to paddle every day or are interested more in just a peer paddle perhaps, or you are a family who want to make your own accommodation options, there is a “Making My Own Arrangements” option which is free to sign up your interest and we shall get in touch with you nearer the time.


The club is now open to everyone of all competency levels; should the Covid-19 situation change the club may have to return to placing a minimum competency level upon participants. Should this happen participants shall be expected to self-assess at what stage they can suitably participate. The club may increase or decrease the stage at any point so please check back against the event or guidance to check the stage before arriving at your activity. See our COVID-19 Guidance for more details on the club's different reopening stages.

Everyone should continue to:

  • You must register for sessions on arrival (including spectators and volunteers)
  • Arrive ready to paddle
  • Bring your own mask and hand sanitiser
  • Respect venue procedures and one way systems
  • Make every effort to book in advanced including spectators and volunteers as this will help us speed up the check in process
  • Payments by bank transfer are strongly advised, where cash is necessary please bring exact money
  • Masks should be worn and person limits followed in enclosed spaces such as boat stores and changing rooms
  • Please limit use to one craft per person per session and avoid sharing equipment
  • All equipment must be washed or sprayed with disinfectant after/ between uses
  • Read the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club COVID-19 Guidance
  • Adhere to the latest social distancing and official government advice
  • Read the latest Event Booking Terms regarding club activities
  • Whilst you will not be required to book equipment, please read and adhere to the latest club equipment hire and usage terms