Event Details

Date(s) 04/12/2020 - 06/12/2020

Time(s)All Day


Date(s): 4th-6th December 2020

Time(s): We shall arrive on Friday and then spend all of Sat/Sun daytime paddling. Expect to be ready to leave the accommodation at 9am each day, as shuttles take a while and it can be very busy over the Gene17 weekend in the car parks. We also want to ensure there is plenty of daylight and get off the water at a reasonable hour.

Type: Beginner/Intermediate White Water

Suitability: Confident with Capsizing with a Spray Deck (whilst not essential we highly recommend doing a Moving Water Taster  Session or Man-Made White Water Course first)

Location: Dartmoor

Accommodation: The club shall be using a bunkhouse or shared house for this trip final details still to be confirmed (alternatively you can book your own accommodation nearby) 

Food: Please arrange your own Friday evening meal, breakfast, lunches and plenty of drinks, and ideally a sealed tub and dry bag to transport your lunches in. There will be an option of finding a pub/restaurant on the Saturday evening, or alternatively you can stay at the accommodation and cook your own food.


Come and join us for the White Water Christmas Dart Trip!

Paddling, Secret Santa, Pub and more Paddling! There will be the option on Saturday evening to attend the Gene17 evening at the country park!

Basing ourselves in the Tavistock area, we hope to look at doing runs of rivers such as the Tavy, Dart, Walkham, Teign tailored based on suitability of the group.

Every effort will be made to ensure a good weekend of paddling, but please remember that it is a weather-dependent sport, so there are no guarantees!

The Dart Loop:

The River Dart is a river in Devon, England which rises high on Dartmoor, and releases to the sea at Dartmouth. The Dart Loop is a classic white water run that finishes up at the Dart Country park. It has plenty of features spaced out by gentle sections.


We are currently phasing the return to club activities and participants shall be expected to self-assess at what stage they can suitably return, and only return if the current stage we are operating at applies to them. The club may increase or decrease the reopening stage at any point so please check back against the event or guidance to check the stage on the day before arriving at any activity.

Everyone Should:

  • Read the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club COVID-19 Guidance
  • Adhere to the latest social distancing and official government advice
  • Respect venue procedures
  • Book in advanced (including those on the bank)
  • Be able to self-rescue
  • Bring your own equipment and hand sanitiser
  • Keep to 6 per group (including those on the bank)
  • Can play contact games of canoe polo with up to 7 players (5 with 2 subs) each side and 2 referees (but during training remain in your team bubbles)
  • Be considerate of others

We are currently operating STAGE 3.