Covid-19 Guidance and Operating Procedures

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Version 4.2, Reviewed: 5th January 2021

Blackwater Valley Canoe Club is CLOSED from 05.01.2021 until further notice in accordance to the latest Government advice.

The priority for the club remains to protect the health and well being of our members and volunteers and help to stop the spread of Covid-19.

It is with regret that the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club Committee has had to make the decision to suspend club activities from the 5th January 2021 until further notice and with immediate effect.

We shall only re-open when when the National restrictions are lifted and the club resides within a Government Tier 1 or 2 area. We can only accommodate members for club activities, that reside in either Tiers 1 or 2. 

We would like to encourage all members to continue following the government and public health guidelines in the first instance. 

Our decision has been made in response to the latest publications by the Government, British Canoeing and Sports England as outlined below. 

These publications outline that organised and structured outdoor sporting activity must not take place, and all outdoor sports clubs, centres, venues and facilities will need to close, alongside indoor facilities. 

Personal Paddling 

British Canoeing outlines that individuals shall be able to still make use of the waterways, for their own activities (including activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking). with your household, support bubble or with one person from another household (for example this could be a coach for 1:1 coaching).

However we would like to remind and encourage all members to try and stay local with their paddling. 

Equipment Hire

The club is permitting use of club equipment provided you book online and follow the clubs hire terms. If you hold any club equipment that has not been booked, it should be returned to one of the club storage facilities unless you have committee permission to hold it to support others.

We understand many of you don’t have your own equipment, so we are working on providing guidance on fair usage and distribution of club equipment in the near future. We would like members to be able to make the most of being able to use the waterways, and support our members with their mental and physical wellbeing during these challenging times.

If you hold any club equipment and have not already told us, can you make sure you let either Tim Shellard (for leisure) or Rhys Bryant (for polo) know what you have to help us track where all of our equipment is.

Document History

Version NoDateStatusUpdateAmended By
1.023/03/2020FinalFirst Original Published as Statement Gemma Clements
2.003/08/2020 Final Revised from Statement to Guidance and ProceduresGemma Clements / Alex Tripp
2.106/08/2020Amendment Amendment for Polo Training Gemma Clements / Rhys Bryant
2.216/09/2020Amendment Amendments to align with Advice Published 15.09.2020.Gemma Clements
2.326/09/2020Amendment Amendments to groups and track and trace to align with Advice Published 24.09.2020.Gemma Clements
2.428/10/2020AmendmentUpdate to allow new members. Align to latest advice on government Teirs.Gemma Clements
3.005/11/2020Revised StatementNew statement in alignment with latest Government, NHS and British Canoeing Advice for the new national restrictions from 05.11.2020.Gemma Clements
3.105/11/2020AmendmentAdd Sports England update and revise Club Kit sectionGemma Clements
4.013/12/2020New GuidanceRelease new Guidance in accordance to latest advice from British Canoeing on 02.12.2020. Align to latest advice on government Tiers.Gemma Clements
4.120/12/2020Tier UpdateTier Update TextGemma Clements
4.205/01/2021Revised StatementNew National Restrictions from 05.01.2021Gemma Clements