In alignment with Government and NHS advice and British Canoeing’s statements on COVID 19 it is with regret that the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club Committee has had to make the decision to also suspend club activities from the 16th March 2020 until further notice, with immediate effect.

This was a tough decision, however the safety and well-being of our members and community is always our main priority and more information can be found on the official websites.

What happens to our membership? 

  • Pay as you Paddle Memberships: If you pay an Annual Membership, we shall be extending your membership for you by a further 3 months
  • Competition Memberships: If you pay a monthly subscription membership, you will require to log onto the website and now “cancel” your membership. We shall re-evaluate the membership prices and the process of re-instating it once we are able to confirm when we can resume normal sessions.

What happens to my event bookings? 

Unfortunately all events are also cancelled. If you have paid for any trips  (such as North Wales or France), and have not done so already, please contact the with your bank details in order to claim a refund BEFORE 1st July.

What happens if I still have club kit? 

If you have any club kit… please let Gary and Alex know what you have on If you absolutely have to bring it back… then we shall try and find someone who has a garden/garage. But where possible please just keep hold of it until further notice

We will continue to review the situation and shall communicate as and when appropriate. 

Last updated 23rd March 2020

The Committee