Authenticity Statement

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Version 2.0, Reviewed: 3rd August 2020

This is an authenticity statement for Blackwater Valley Canoe Club, our website and associated applications and media.

We can be contacted at

Club Communications 

Communications that represent the committee, shall always either be published on our official website, originate from emails on the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club domain (e.g. or posted by the Blackwater Valley Canoe Club Facebook Administrator on our Public Facebook Page. 

We encourage members to communicate with each other, and some members may use Facebook or WhatsApp to organise their own activities, please be aware that these communications do not represent the views of the committee or club.

Be vigilant when receiving emails if they are not from an official account as these could be fraudulent. 

Club Activities  

Only activities promoted through our official website are considered organised by the club and covered by our club insurance and waterways licence. These activities (inclusive of sessions, training, events) shall be presented on our events calendar.

If you choose organise or attend any activities not advertised through our website then you shall require your own waterways license and relevant insurance.

Document History

Version No Date Status Update Amended By
1.0 03/08/2020 Final First Original Alex Tripp