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Management Committee

Chair – Tim Shellard –

Vice Chair – Rhys Bryant

Welfare Officer – Ann Marie Vinnicombe

(Supported by Gemma Clements, Stephen Foster)

Treasurer – Ann-Marie Vinnicombe

Support Committee

Secretary – Linda Hunn

Volunteer Coordinator(s) – Steve Nicholas

Health and Safety Officer(s) – Stephen Foster

Programme and Development Officer(s) – Gemma Clements

Equipment Officer(s) – Gary Tripp and Alex Tripp

Publicity Officer(s) – Jack Nicholas and Alex Trip

Website Manager(s) – Gemma Clements –

Website Assistant(s) – Alex Trip

Fund Raising Officer(s) – Vacant –

Programme Committee

Youth – Vacant

Socials – Vacant

Canoe Polo – Cameron Underwood and Leyla Page

White Water – Gemma Clements, Matt Watts and Richard Hodge

Freestyle – Gemma Clements and Josh Watts

Touring/Open Canoe – Linda Hunn and Colin Greaves

Sea Kayaking – Bob Hamilton

Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) – Gemma Clements and Steve Nicholas