The club has a large number of members who are interested in whitewater paddling. We run multiple whitewater trips each year of varying difficulty, to both rivers and man-made courses across the UK. The whitewater community within the club also arrange frequent peer trips in addition the club calendar. The club typically tries to arrange a whitewater trip abroad each year, most recently to the Soča Valley in Slovenia (our planned 2020 trip to the French Alps got cancelled for obvious reasons).

Our coaches are experienced at introducing members to whitewater. For those interested in starting to paddle moving water & whitewater we run “moving water taster sessions” at locations such as Coxes Lock to allow members to gain a feel for moving water in a gentle and safe environment, and of course have a bit of fun. We also run trips to gentler rivers and man-made courses where members can start to learn whitewater paddling. We are able to make use of our tandem kayaks and whitewater sit on tops to help members gain confidence on whitewater.

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